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   For the fan between the axial flow fan and the centrifugal fan, the impeller of the mixed flow fan makes the air move both centrifugally and axially, and the movement of the air in the shell is a mixture of axial flow and centrifugal movement, so it is called "mixed flow".

  • 交流轴流风机Φ450
    Air volume (CFM): 3286.0
    Power (W):530.0
  • 交流轴流风机Φ400
    Air volume (CFM): 2648.0
    Power (W):260.0
  • 交流轴流风机Φ360
    Air volume (CFM): 1530.0
    Power (W):145.0
  • 交流轴流风机Φ290
    Air volume (CFM): 441.0
    Power (W):74.0
  • Ac axial flow fan Φ 190
    Air volume (CFM): 471.0
    Power (W):80.0
  • 交流轴流Φ250
    Air volume (CFM): 1119.0
    Power (W):195.0
  • 交流轴流Φ200
    Air volume (CFM): 540.0
    Power (W):70.0
  • 交流轴流Φ200
    Air volume (CFM): 518.0
    Power (W):85.0
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