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Company profile


     Fans-tech has an independent modern science and technology research and development building, equipped with over one million noise testing rooms, high-precision air volume testing systems and other sophisticated research and development equipment, using advanced motor simulation and fluid simulation analysis software, equipped with a number of high A R&D team with theoretical level and rich practical experience, the company’s close cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes has formed a "production-university-research" relationship.  


       Fans-tech strictly follows the ISO-9001 standard. Under the guidance of the quality policy of "ensure quality, perfect service, pursue better customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, ensure efficiency, and achieve stronger competitiveness of the enterprise", the company not only focuses on products Production and product inspection are strictly controlled, and from the beginning of product development and design, we have been adhering to the rigorous attitude of quality first, and continuously test new research and development products through computer simulation to ensure that the performance of efficient and low-cost smart fans has passed the salt one time. Fog test, high and low temperature test, physical and chemical test, life test, UL test, EMC test and other tests provide guarantee for product quality from the source; 100% dynamic balance inspection, 100% vibration inspection, 100% % Safety performance comprehensive inspection to ensure that the products delivered to cusers are all fine products!  

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