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   In the work of the fan, the air flow enters the blade space from the axial direction of the fan, and then rotates with the impeller under the drive of the impeller on the one hand; on the other hand, it increases the energy and leaves the impeller along the radius direction under the action of inertia. The fan that relies on the centrifugal force generated to do work is called the centrifugal fan.

  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ225-89
    Air volume (CFM): 630.0
    Power (W):141.0
  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ225-89
    Air volume (CFM): 740.0
    Power (W):180.0
  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ220-64
    Air volume (CFM): 518.0
    Power (W):90.0
  • Ac backward centrifugal fan Φ 220-64
    Air volume (CFM): 471.0
    Power (W):83.0
  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ220-64
    Air volume (CFM): 542.0
    Power (W):134.0
  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ190-62
    Air volume (CFM): 271.0
    Power (W):61.0
  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ190-62
    Air volume (CFM): 306.0
    Power (W):65.0
  • 交流后向式离心风机Φ175-62
    Air volume (CFM): 234.0
    Power (W):61.0
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