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Safety training? position is responsibility, time is life.

2020-09-03 Read / 12 Source/ Mark / markbro

In order to improve employees' safety awareness and emergency handling ability, let employees understand the knowledge of self-rescue and first aid, master self-rescue and first-aid skills, and reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents, on July 22, 2020, the company specially invited Yuan Weichun of Wusha Community Hospital to give a safety lecture on "work injury and first aid treatment" for our employees.

Dr. Yuan systematically explained the theoretical knowledge of emergency rescue, such as the new concept of rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid for airway obstruction, trauma bleeding, bandaging, fixation, transportation, and so on. Nurse Pan, who accompanied him, gave a vivid and standardized demonstration through interaction with the staff. 

During the training, the employees listened very carefully and experienced seriously in the operation practice, saying that they benefited a lot. They wanted to pass on the first aid knowledge learned in this training to the people around them, so that more people could master the first aid skills.

The development of this lecture has popularized the knowledge of self-rescue and mutual rescue skills for employees, improved their response ability to deal with emergencies and accidental injuries, strengthened safety awareness, and played an important role in promoting the construction of safe plant area.

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