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Warm congratulations on the inclusion of Fans-tech in Shunde Industrial Development Hall

2020-09-03 Read / 50 Source/ Mark / markbro

Located on the south bank of Desheng River, Shunde Industrial Development Hall is one of the ten key projects of "strong center" in Shunde District, with "made in Shunde, China's pride" as the theme, time, industry, city and science popularization as the main line. 

The Development Pavilion is not only a new generation of industrial and cultural experience center, but also a new product release, urban forum, theme exhibition, popular science education and other activity center, is an important window to show the rapid industrial development and urban modernization in Shunde. 

As one of the top 50 benchmark high-tech enterprises in Foshan, provincial enterprise technology center, national intellectual property advantage enterprise and other honors, Fanster was invited by Shunde Industrial Museum in early July. Fanshida fans will be displayed in the exhibition hall as the representative products of Shunde Daliang exhibition area. 

On July 17th, EC500 intelligent external rotor fan display unit was officially included in Shunde Industrial Hall, the fan adopts external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, self-developed efficient backward centrifugal wind wheel, with intelligent electronic control, can be monitored remotely through Rs485 communication, is an ingenuity in the field of external rotor fan, fan is widely used in big data center, commercial refrigeration and commercial ventilation fields. 

It is now on display in Daliang District, 4th floor, Shunde Industrial Development Hall. Welcome to visit and guide!

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